Friday, 24 April 2009

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She is committed with her friends, and their calls, and She most to tell who is calling me? and i have a rare thought, do i bring back her to our former office or i fly to her ugly office?
Please i need some advice?
you know what i mean? be careful

Saturday, 26 April 2008

WHEN YOU START TO PRACTISE THERE'S NOT A SENSE OF CHANGE IN YOUR MIND OR YOUR BODY, but in time really in short time, you can fell all these changes by yourself, if you can practise whit your friends, follow the group, and you you gona fell silly at first, but later one, two months, you gona fell a good energy, from your friends.

If you practise alone, follow the energy one, two minutes and change the movement, then when you take a one step posture stay one or two minutes in each one, and try to change your breath, also you can make the walking meditation if you have the elements to do it, but when you have enough common sense, you gonna start and end whith